Welcome to UBeYOU

UBeYOU welcomes you into a world in which your full potentials can be manifested.  From a healthy mind and body to thriving in a life which is purposeful, joyful and abundant.  UBeYOU is a Holistic Health Practice and Coaching specializing in Cognitive Health.   UBeYOU aims to improve the quality of lives by offering unique set of services in Mind and Body Health couching through Cognitive Enhancement and Nutritional Counseling, Life Style Coaching, as well as Ayurvedic Services. UBeYOU offers modalities and recommendations based on the client’s individual needs, assets and goals. The time tested wisdoms of the ages modalities as well as the Modern day assessment tools will be utilized in order to allow the whole person to emerge and turn U into YOU..

UBeYOU provides clarity amidst the confusion with reliable resources and educated advice. From personal counseling to group mentorship, UBeYOU is dedicated to planting seeds of nourishment and celebrating the decisions that grow resilient habits for life.

UBeYOU is available to serve the greater Bay Area as well as the global community through means of in-person and/or online one-on-one or small group coaching. UBeYOU provides resources for you to stay connected to your internal motivation and surmount obstacles to progress and to make it simple to integrate diet and lifestyle changes into what’s often a busy or overwhelming schedules.

UBeYOU is eager to serve all who are interested in enhancing their experience of life on all levels.

Who would benefit from UBeYOU?

Anyone who seeks guidance in following areas of health and well-being:

Diet and lifestyle are the most cost-effective and least invasive modalities that effectively restore and maximize brain health.  Those who partner with UBeYOU, can experience the following: 

  • Banish brain fog,
  • Regulate blood sugar, 
  • Lose weight (when overweight),
  • Stop cognitive decline & improve memory,
  • Reduce the need for prescriptions with restored health,
  • Feel more vital, clear, and energized.. 

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