The Perfect World…

A Perspective..

October 2020

A perfect world, or “Utopia” if you will, would be a complex image to contemplate, there are many aspects to what makes the world an ideal, perfect place.  Depending on the perspective and constitution of the observer.  I can only speak from one perspective, mine.  I’d have to consider many aspects from deeper to shallower levels of my existence. From why I am even here to what it means to live a purposeful, fulfilling life in this physical world and the scope of reality I am able to conceive through my 5 senses. 

In times like these, when the outside world is bombarded with disasters, a pandemic, global warming, wild fires, dictatorship regimes, poverty, all kinds of social and economical injustices everywhere, an image of a perfect world is a hazy and unreachable distant mirage.  But then there is always the glimpse of “Hope” that keeps us going and reaching for our own image of a world we strive to live in.   “Hope” is magnificently powerful.  It can resuscitate one back to life from depths of despair, it is the fuel that ignites the engine of life and our inexhaustible stamina for trying again and again, ……it is the force behind our dreams..

So here is mine…

An idealist and perhaps even attainable perfect world within the parameters of current advancements both technologically and spiritually may look like this;

  • A borderless world, one community of humanity
  • Everyone living harmoniously with nature and its resources as part of a well functioning and sustainable eco-system, where water sources and air are clean and plentiful
  • The effort and emphasis of existence and humanity would be on expansion of consciousness, personal growth, service to others and enlightenment rather than technological advancement and accumulating material wealth
  • As a result, there would be no wars and all resources would be distributed evenly among all humans so no one is ever hungry or without shelter and protection from the elements
  • Everyone is responsible for everyone else’s well-being
  • The obstacles and conflicts necessary for growth and enlightenment would come from within, once one reaches a plateau in their personal growth, it would most likely be from within and not without, such as competitive advancement, greed for more, wars, revenge…
  • Harmonious, calm, peaceful world to live in mostly in its natural state in communion with nature, we adapt to nature and not destroy forests for our own gain, we live in sustainable ways with minimum harm to our natural environment and other species.
  • With the aim of existence being the expansion of consciousness and enlightenment, the need for so much would be eliminated, if we understand that source of true knowledge and understanding is within us as we are a part of IT, the need for all the tools and technologies which destroy our planet and grow our greed in order to feel whole, to understand ourselves and our world, would be minimized. 
  • The need for a healthcare system would also be minimized as we live in a world devoid of toxicity of modern life; technology, stress, manufactured, poisonous food-like fuel, and therefore Dis-ease, instead there would be inner peace, the most effective healer of all and for those who may find imbalance as an obstacle to their growth, healers with ancient wisdom and deeper understanding of the healing powers of our natural world and medicinal plants would offer their healing hands..
  • Everyone would meditate, and education would be to learn to live in harmony with the rest of the human community, our world and to serve and work on self evolution as part of the whole. 
  • Ultimately the purpose of existing in a human form would be to evolve, expand consciousness, find harmony, attain enlightenment and merge back with the Source.

This is beyond idealistic, though the seed of manifestation is always planted in the realm of imagination first, so one should never stop dreaming of the perfect world…

Plant the seed… 


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