Holistic Health Coaching

Imbalance and stress of today’s life styles manifest in several forms; affecting different systems.  They could manifest in the form of physical and/or Mental dis-ease. Through combining Ancient Eastern Wisdom with Modern Western Science, UBeYOU aims to provide complete Health and Healing solutions allowing health to flourish and true radiance to shine. Several of the modalities offered in the coaching designed based on each individual’s unique set of goals, attributes and life circumstances, include:

Physical Health: Assessment of physical health, laboratory testing, therapeutic supplementation, and nutritional counseling.  Addressing underlying causes of imbalance: Inflammation, Digestion, Immunity, Hormonal imbalance, Toxicity and Stress.   

Mental Health:  Cognitive Assessments and enhancement based on ReCODE (Reversal of Cognitive Decline) protocol created by Dr. Dale Bredensen.

Emotional Health: Stress management techniques, visualization, meditation and mindfulness, art therapy practices, and more.

The initial assessment of current health status and goals, will be used to determine the number of visits recommended to establish, support and maintain the Health and wellness journey designed uniquely for you. 

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