Cognitive Protocol


After going through the most painful journey of my life for over 7 years of slowly losing my beloved father to Alzheimer’s disease, the direction of my life changed.  I was now fully aware of the vulnerability as well as the true value of our most essential organ, one which allows us to have a meaningful life, relate to others, and navigate our world.  I set out to find out all I could, all the data that was available to us at that time, through science and beyond on how to preserve the “Mind” by keeping its portal of interpretation, the “Brain”, healthy and functioning optimally.

At the time, when my father was diagnosed and was going through the phases of decline, there was only a few pharmaceutical treatments available for slowing down the progress. There was no other concrete data on the cause, prevention or treatment, and certainly no cure.   The diagnosis of cognitive decline and preceding dementia, was a stamp of an agonizing and slow, death sentence. 

As a Holistic Health coach, my approach has been to consider the Human Organism as a whole and as a part of the larger eco-system of LIFE.  I think of the the body as a portal, a vehicle which allows the essence of us to navigate the physical world, and experience it though the senses.  The body is an outlet converting the power of life into animation and interpretation in a 3 dimensional reality.  We need to keep this outlet intact in order to fully receive the message of this power and experience our environment.  The “Brain” is the organ which interprets and sends the message of perception and animates the body.   

Prevention of mal-function by keeping the channels healthy and clear of obstruction would be the optimal approach.  The obstacles can enter the system in forms of physical or mental debris.  The chemical and technological world we have created has plenty of debris that can be difficult to navigate and avoid at all times. 

The remedies which bring us back closer to the basic elements of the materials our bodies and our natural world is made of, are the most effective healers.  In this realm, what I have found and experienced first hand as the simplest and clearest path to Health and Well-being is to stay close to the natural, most un-interrupted forms of input.  The food we eat, from Earth to our mouths, to take the shortest, most direct path.  For our minds to stay with the breath as much as possible, to keep us grounded and not lost in the confusing, never ending maze of the fabricated world around us.  For our bodies to be nourished by the healing powers of our natural world, the sun, the earth, the ocean, the forest, the stuff we are made of. 

And in the midst of my research, I finally came across a study and approach to Dementia which most closely follows this approach to healing.  It’s a protocol which has come from a thirty-plus years of medical research by Dr. Dale Bredesen, the Chief Science Officer (CSO) of Apollo Health, at the forefront of research into Alzheimer’s disease prevention and memory-loss reversal. His research teams have made discoveries that changed our understanding of the fundamental nature of Alzheimer’s disease and led to revolutionary treatments.

Dr. Bredesen’s Facebook Page, contains up-to-date information about his protocol and other resources as they relate to prevention and enhancement of cognitive decline.  He also posts videos of him and other experts in the field discussing the latest discoveries and therapies. 

Here is a very informative and interesting article on how “Wearables may play an increasingly important role in predicting and preventing disease.  Recently Apple Watch tracking of HRV (heart rate variability) predicted COVID-19 a week before standard diagnosis. Such wearables should also help us predict chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease years before diagnosis, improving prevention and early reversal.”

At Apollo Health, they turned Dr. Bredesen’s protocol into action and put the health of your brain back in your hands with the only Bredesen-approved Protocol for preventing, treating, and reversing Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline.

I was ecstatic and at the same time heart-broken for not having found this study at the time of my life which it mattered most.  I have since trained as a ReCODE coach and now have access to a research-based, proven protocol for prevention and reversal of Cognitive Decline which would allow me to help guide and be of service to those seeking to keep this vital organ of Life, healthy and functioning well throughout this journey of life.

For a more comprehensive presentation on how I use the principles of Holistic Health in combination with Dr. Bredesen’s protocol to guide clients on their journey to optimal health and well-being in body and mind, refer to my post on Holistic Health Coaching/ReCODE.    

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